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Category FAQs
Topic Spamming/Scamming Emails
Question Q: How do I know if an enquiry I receive is genuine?
Current Scam/Spam Alert
If you have received a message from an individual calling themselves 'Edmund Burke' at omni-practical, we recommend you delete this message. Please remember to treat all messages received via your advert with the same caution you would any other email.

The purpose of our messaging system, which is how people contact you when using the 'Reply to this posting' button, is to prevent anyone initially obtaining your email address unless you give it to them directly, by removing the need to display it publicly. We do not recommend that you ever publicly display your email address online, as this allows spambots to collect it electronically, and you will be more likely to receive spam and or scam emails.

Our messaging service simply allows you to receive emails without the need to publicly display your email address. Other than this, the emails you receive are no different to any other, and we advise everyone to practice the same caution with any Greenshifters emails you do receive, as you would with emails generally.

If you receive an email which you believe to be suspicious, please contact us and we can check if the person concerned is likely to be a genuine enquirer. Spammers/Scammers tend to ask vague questions, often use poor grammar and spelling, and generally contact multiple advertisers at a time. Our messaging service cuts down the vast majority of these very common emails, since it prevents emails being automatically sent in bulk, and any spammer/scammer will have to manually type each email. However, as Greenshifters is a public site, as with any public site, there will always be the odd determined few who persist, so you will still need to practice the same caution as with receiving any other email from a stranger.

If you do receive an obviously suspicious email, we'd just advise you to delete the message. If you have received messages from this person's email address directly, because you have corresponded further with them, as opposed to via the Greenshifters address, you can also report them as spam within your own email provider, and block them using your own email settings.

Even if you are familiar with spam/scam emails and know an enquiry you receive to be suspicious, it is always helpful if you could let us know, as we can then alert other advertisers, and contact the spammer/scammer directly ourselves to let them know we are aware of their activity.

Any current scam/spam emails we are made aware of will be displayed above, but please do contact us if you receive an email you believe may be suspicious, even if not already displayed here.

Thank you



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