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1.6 hectares
4 acres

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Owner pamandrob
Title Off-Grid Organic Smallholding
Location Portugal
Price £95,000
Quinta Três Cascatas is a 4 acre off-grid organic small holding with extended use of neighbouring farm land, olive grove and grape vines.

It is located conveniently between three neighbouring towns, Nelas, Oliveira do Hospital and Tabua, it has easy access to large cities such as Viseu and Coimbra as well as major motorway routes.

A well maintained short camino leads out of the quinta onto a tarmac road some 300 yards away which runs to the local village, Vila Franca da Beira. Vila Franca da Beira is a ten minute walk from the quinta and has many amenities such as café/bar, restaurant and a very well stocked shop. The next village, Ervedal da Beira, also has cafés/bars, restaurant, bakery, post office, pharmacy, bank, opticians, dentist, doctor, petrol station, agricultural shop, mechanics and timber yard. Ervedal da Beira is only a few minute’s drive away or about a 45 minute walk through picturesque villages and countryside.

The farm itself resides on four large flat, well maintained terraces, each area having its own unique use be it habitational, animal enclosures, extensive fruit and vegetable gardens, ornate ponds, orchards, barbeque areas or just decorative gardens. There are also a number of smaller terraces and sections of woodland. The woodland is large enough to provide many years of firewood but there is also a large store of seasoned wood ready to use.

The quinta has a mix of old established trees such as olive, oak, cork oak, quince and fig. There has been a large selection of new trees planted over the past five years with a good mix of fruit and deciduous trees along with many shrubs. A more in depth list of trees and plants is available on request.

The traditional built granite house is comprised of two floors and a mezzanine level. It has two entrance doors, each leading to a separate level. The first floor comprises of a kitchen area heated by a large wood fired range oven. The staircase leads up to the main living area and mezzanine which is used for sleeping. There is plenty of room to the back and side of the house for extension if desired.

Other accommodation on the land is an extra wide, 7 metre long Hobby Prestige caravan with utility room and toilet to rear, all under one roof providing shade in summer and protection from the rain in winter. It has a full size cooker/over, full size shower, 12 and 240v LED lighting, double bed and plenty of storage. An outside wood fired bath is ideally located in front of the caravan with walled seating area. Fixed parasols and trailing kiwis add welcome shade to the front of the caravan. To the rear of the caravan is a large table and benches with a brick built barbeque. The entire area is contained by stone walled flower beds. Well established ornamental trees and orange trees add shade and seclusion to this already picturesque area.

A furnished 5 metre Mongolian yurt adds another self-contained living area with adjacent toilet and shower facilities. Once again this area is planted with ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs and gardens. The yurt has previously been run as a successful glamping business.

The covered, stone built barbeque kitchen area services the raised wooden floored yurt with its own cooking area. LED lighting provides the kitchen with a nice ambient light while barbequing or cooking on the gas hob. Glass dining table and chairs provide seating in the well planted rockery area nestled alongside gigantic boulders.

A 9 metre x 6 metre shiplap wooden shed with large 2.5 metre high doors on one side and large gothic church doors on the other provide a very large covered indoor area. Partial portioning separates a large workshop from bar/recreational area. This building could be used for accommodation, workshop, yoga or many other uses needing a large indoor area. To the front and side of this shiplap building are establishing flowerbeds and ornamental trees. The 4 acre plot is partially fenced. A stream cascades down several waterfalls before steadily meandering through the land. Contained by granite walls water is diverted to large stone holding tanks and also feeds two large ponds.

For six months of the year well maintained lavadas (walled waterways) carry winter water through the land to ponds and stone water tanks. Some water is diverted to feed an electric generating water wheel before being carried down through the flower beds to the stream.

The vegetable garden is conveniently placed near the caravan with brick built raised beds. Established fruit bushes of many varieties, asparagus beds, horseradish, yacon, artichokes, rhubarb and cardoons are some of the perennials growing alongside all of the annual vegetables. The beds have been well managed and provide a year-round supply of food. A constant supply of nutrient comes from three very large composting and worm piles which are fed by goat, sheep, pig and chicken manure as well as comfrey from the large comfrey beds. A tank provides gravity fed comfrey and nettle tea to a tap which feeds all the raised beds. A second vegetable patch on a lower terrace is used for larger crops. This year solely potatoes and onions.

A large stone well provides drinking water all year round, pumped by petrol pump to holding tanks. This is then distributed to all parts of the land via 1.5inch buried pipe to all animal enclosures, vegetable patches and buildings/living areas, so all areas have their own water supply with excellent pressure. Although we drank water straight from the well for many years we now filter the water through a three stage porcelain/carbon 1 micron filter for added water quality.

There are five large fenced enclosures with added protection of electric fencing. These are used for goats, sheep or pigs when they are not free ranging or being rotationally grazed in the neighbours orchards and vineyard which we have yearly use of.

The four milking goats, two of which are currently in milk, are free ranged on the other side of the land and kept outside by perimeter fencing. They are put out in the morning and return home at night for milking and bed. Normal kidding rate is 4 for 2 goats. We do not feed any grain to the goats.

Egg and meat chickens have four large permanent enclosures with houses in each. Some smaller houses are used for when the chickens are moved into vegetable patches or other areas that may benefit from them.

There are two large ornate steel walk-in cages on the land, one on the bottom terrace with access to the lower pond which is ideal for geese and ducks and another further up the land which is suitable for any bird or smaller animal.

There are three free range guinea pigs that live in a small stone built house by the caravan. They come and go as they please and help keep the grass cut around the caravan and raised vegetable patch.

Another log built house by the caravan sometimes provides a home to free range geese or ducks who like to use the pond by the caravan.

The two female half Duroc pigs are currently being grazed in paddocks on the far side of the land with electric fencing allowing them to forage into woodland and surrounding areas.

We have two ongoing contracts to look after holiday homes and land. Average yearly income is around €5000 and also benefit from use of their land for grazing.

An olive grove which provides goats with winter food, us with firewood or artisan wood and around one tonne of olives a year which produces approximately 150 litres of pure oil which you can get pressed a the local cooperative.

Grapevines that produce red and white grapes, around three tonnes a year. The grapes can either be taken to the local cooperative to be made into wine or you could make your own. Use of a small cottage, extra wells and water mine as well as well-established orange, nectarine, clementine, plum, pear, apple and fig trees.

With the land also comes:
Solar panels (750w) with panel swivel and tilt tracker
4 x 4500 brand new Rolls batteries, 2 x interverters and MPPT charge controller
Large water pump
12m wind turbine mast
2 chicken tractors and one in construction
Electric fencing
Large range wood burner
Enamel wood burner in yurt
47kg gas bottle and regs, 18kg gas bottles and regs
Irrigation and sprinklers
Loungers, chairs, tables, garden ornaments and lighting
Large amount of firewood
Chickens, pigs, goats and guinea pigs (if wanted)

There are also many negotiable extras such as:
Vauxhall Opel diesel van 1.9
Water turbine wheel, gears, pullies and alternator
Upright Hotpoint fridge freezer
Chest freezer
5m above ground pool and pump
Tools/workshop tools
Fence energisers/batteries and solar panels
Plus much more!

We are happy to supply further information and answer any questions by email.

EPC Rating - Exempt

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